The Corporación Educativa del Llano CELLANO is a non-profit organization established for educational and cultural purposes. Its main objective is to dedicate all its activities, efforts and resources to the promotion, development and improvement of the education and integral formation of youth, based on Christian morals, ethical and democratic principles, respect and exaltation of human values.

It was born in 1982 as a response to the concern of a group of parents who sought more than educating their children, to invest in an education of excellence. Therefore, they decided to partner and take the flags that the American teacher Jim Cage founded in 1979 with the Neil Armstrong Bilingual School. The Neil Armstrong School is unique in the region because it is parent-owned.

Our interest is to bequeath to future generations and to this thriving region a solid educational enterprise capable of continuing to bear the best fruits. We currently have 188 families enjoying a safe and secure educational plan for their children.